Self-Love/Confidence Mentorship

We all struggle to feel confident and comfortable in our own skin. We all seek acceptance from others while trying to accept ourselves in the process. We all have shadow and childhood wounds which prevent us from being our authentic selves, unapologetically, in each present moment.

The universal need for all human beings is love. We all seek love outside of ourselves. We strive to gain a sense of purpose through our identity. Self-love is an inside job, and the most important job we will ever have. No one will be able to offer us the love we crave until we can love ourselves in the most profound ways.

Allow me the opportunity to get to know you, so I can help you see the bright light and love that you are. It is time you lived and felt confident and loved, just BEing you. You are perfect, just as you are. It is time you feel this is your heart.

Intimacy/Relationship Guidance

Every interaction we have with life is based on relationship. Human relationships are the most sought out of all forms of relationships. Intimate relationships help us to learn about ourselves while being vulnerable to another person. Though intimate relationships, we learn connection, communication, trust, vulnerability, and love.

It is easy to get detached from gratitude when others hurt us or do not offer us the validation we seek. When we do not feel loved, heard, or respected, we quickly align with jealousy, resentment, and anger. Relationship guidance offers a direct path to keeping peace with family, friends, co-workers, and partners.

To give and receive love is a basic human need. There is no better time than now to learn practical and enriching relationship skills from spiritual, psychological, and interpersonal perspectives.

Spiritual Expansion Companionship

Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living,” Socrates was pointing to knowing ourselves on a soul level, and examining who we are through our heart. As human beings, we are conditioned to live through the brain and the mind. We believe the brain is our best guide, but we do not realize that the heart has an electromagnetic spectrum that is over 50x stronger than the brain.

We are taught to be calculated creatures which are continually striving to do what is best for ourselves in the material world. Rather than having sincere gratitude simply to be alive, we are rooted in life practices revolving around money, success, and achieving goals. We are no longer “human beings” but rather “human doings.” Spiritual Growth Mentorship focuses on getting beyond the mind and into the heart. It is time you surrender to the heart’s call and align with your deepest passions.

Emotional Healing/Letting Go and Therapy

We have all suffered trauma and pain in our lives. We store our hurt in our body, organs, chakras, and energy field. Returning to health and wellness physically, mentally, emotionally, and spirituality is mandatory for us all to live a fulfilling life.

Health is a multi-faceted area of personal growth that involves emotional understanding, intuition, the ability to feel the body, conscious eating, loving environments, and high levels of personal awareness. Through self-acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, vulnerability, and the bravery to heal, we can all be the highest expressions of ourselves.

It is time that you shift your perspective from surviving to living with passion! Changing your life starts with your belief system and continues with daily actions that are aligned with your heart’s desire.

When I met Kriss I was lost. I was eating poorly, jumping from one unhealthy relationship to another, felt detached from my body, and was miserable within my own skin. Over the last few years, Kriss has been my rock. He is the most influential person who has ever come into my life. It is hard to believe how much I have grown in such a short amount of time. I can confidently say that I love who I am now as a person. Kriss taught me how to love myself and let go so I could be aligned with the present moment. I owe Kriss my life. I love him on the deepest soul level. Thank you, Kriss, I do not know where I would be today without you! Probably suffering massively!


About Kriss Walas

Kriss Walas

A Transformational Mentor, Speaker, and Sound Healer

Kriss Walas is a graduate of CSUS with BA degrees in Psychology, Philosophy, and Audio. Kriss is a certified Reiki 2 practitioner in Holy Fire. Kriss is an innovator in the fields of sound, intimacy, healing, bioenergetics, Tantra, Reiki, mindfulness, meditation, epigenetics, breath work, relationship coaching, body therapy, communication, connecting with nature, and personal growth/expansion. Kriss is a student of life and has merged timeless teachings of the East with New Age teachings of the West to guide people to self-realization within their own being and bodies.


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Five Steps to Your Success

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The hardest step you can take towards changing your life is the first step. Rather than thinking about “what could have been” start by contacting me directly. I would be more than happy to answer any questions before booking a session.

Make an Appointment

Use the simple online booking tool to schedule a session with me that works best for your life. It is important to me that we get together in a time where you can be open fully to embrace personal transformation, love, and inner healing.

Know and Love Thy Self

You are a unique expression of consciousness and there will never be another YOU. I want to get to know your personality, dreams, goals, and soul. The more open you are with more, the deeper we can go into healing and transforming your life.

Create New Life Practices

Mentorship sessions are training grounds for creating and sustaining new life practices. It takes 21 days to create new habits, 66 days to create new patterns, and 90 days to create new life practices. Together we are going to change your life.

Embody The New You

It will be up to you in your daily life to stay aligned with all that you have learned in our sessions. As you grow and align deeper with health, peace, and love I will be an arms reach away whenever you need me for support and friendship on your journey. Let’s transcend suffering together.

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Make an Appointment With Kriss

Kriss can hold space for people in a present, aware, and loving way. Kriss acts as a catalyst for expansion through embodiment. Kriss has lead workshops, guided large groups at festivals, and has been doing personal one-to-one mentorship training since 2010. Kriss has 12 years of experience with mentoring/hosting transformational gatherings and makes himself available to all people in the name of service to the collective consciousness.

Kriss has held space for workshops in Chakra Tuning and Alignment, Heart Centered Expansion, Deep Guided Meditation, Physical Embodiment Training, Communication and Etymology, and more. Kriss has received compelling feedback from people that the most transformative workshops involve sound healing and Solfeggio based music, which heightens a connection to Source, the heart, and fellow participating human beings. Music is the universal language that connects us all and is a powerful tool for people to heal, release trauma, let go of hurt, and align with the love waiting for us all in the present moment.  Kriss is open to creating custom workshops based on the needs of the collective as Kriss is here to love, serve, and remember that we are all connected through Oneness.
December 2020
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Testimonials/Success Stories

When I met Kriss I was lost. I was eating poorly, jumping from one unhealthy relationship to another, felt detached from my body, and was miserable within my own skin. Over the last few years, Kriss has been my rock. He is the most influential person who has ever come into my life. It is hard to believe how much I have grown in such a short amount of time. I can confidently say that I love who I am now as a person. Kriss taught me how to love myself and let go so I could be aligned with the present moment. I owe Kriss my life. I love him on the deepest soul level. Thank you, Kriss, I do not know where I would be today without you! Probably suffering massively!


Let me start off by saying that Kriss is one the most talented and enthusiastic engineer/producer I have ever worked with. I’ve gone to 3 or 4 different studios before this trying to find a place where I would be able to have someone help me expand on my music, whether that is instruments, background vocals, or just giving me their personal thoughts and advice on what they think I should do to grow. I had my first session about three weeks ago and it was incredible! Kriss was able to help me expand on a track that many other studios failed to do. Dude is a genius, no joke! His experience of writing music for so many years really makes him a great person to work with! He is able to do magic with the equipment he has and is quick to think of great things to add to the track! He knew exactly how to fix any concerns I had and knows everything there is to know about the DAW he is using! He makes it very important and obvious that his main goal is to make each session productive, and to end up with a sound that both he and his customer can be proud of! Great attitude with even better results! 


Wow! What do I say? Every session with Kriss gets you more than guidance. I always leave feeling rejuvenated and with a better sense of purpose. This man has helped me develop as both a healthy human being and a man. To him, this is, and always will be, much more than a business transaction. He’s there to help, to listen, and offer advice when he can. The most giving person I’ve ever met. 


Great Mentor! Kriss has been my mentor for a couple of years now. With Kriss, you get not only a great mentor who will guide you through your journey but also a great friend for life. If it wasn’t for Kriss I would not still be growing today and would have probably given up a couple of years ago. Kriss got me through the early stages of my journey when everything was new and every tiny thing seemed like a giant hurdle. I still have sessions and keep in touch on a personal level, and consider him a good mate.  Couldn’t recommend him highly enough, you’re taking a huge step in the right direction if you decide to join forces with Kriss! 


The positive impact that Kriss has on an artist goes beyond his skills and talent as an engineer and producer. He provides guidance in all aspects of music production, bringing out the best in each artist that he works with. Not only does he shape the development of their music, but he is a personal mentor of life as well. Kriss helped to transform the life of one of my artists through music and spiritual guidance. He sincerely values each artist as an individual, caring for the whole person, and that is rare in this industry. 


Kriss is a special breed of talent, a rare find that can help you discover your true self through the pursuit of music. If you are looking to develop your skills in a unique and organic environment, this is your man!!! 


If you’re embarking on a creative journey, Kriss is an excellent collaborative partner. He is a genuinely good person, super talented, and an absolute pleasure to work with. He’s enthusiastic and always has a delicious tea brew ready to share.

Growing up, my dad and I had always written songs and sang together. It’s his dream to someday hear a song he wrote on the radio. I recently moved closer to home and decided it was time to start making this dream a reality.

It appeared that the recording studios I reached out to were happy to sell me studio time, however, my dad and I have zero recording experience. We needed someone who could walk us through the process. When I reached out to Continuum Music Studio, Kriss wrote back inviting me to call for a quick phone chat. He was super down to earth and was totally open to educating us along the way.

We’ve had a few sessions with Kriss and each time we feel like we are learning so much and finally making this dream a reality!


“I have never experienced sound in this way. I SAW the sound waves, as colors with my eyes closed. I felt like I was on an ayahuasca journey. And I’m extremely sensitive to sound; this took me to places I never knew existed!”


“I have always loved energy work but never fully understood many of the Eastern teachings. Kriss was able to bring ancient wisdom to a level I could understand being a 21-year-old college student. I feel I gained years of wisdom spending just a few days with Kriss. I am eternally grateful. 


“Kriss is an extremely talented healer. He shares a unique understanding of sound, communication, and presenting an experience with love that is easy to connect to! What impacted me most, was his introduction of what to expect from the experience. Few people ever share how to process these types of healings. So blessed!”


“I let go of something I had been holding onto for years. I thought I had gotten over my issues, but there were some specific sounds that brought it back during my sound healing experience. I could feel it leaving my body as the waves of vibrations washed over me. Truly grateful, and forever blessed with this experience.”


“I have been on the spiritual path for years and feel that many people offer overly complicated teachings that do not translate to daily life. Kriss has a simple yet elegant way of sharing information with love, kindness, and patience. Kriss explained that if a child cannot understand the practice it is too complicated. I love that!” 


“Wow! What a life-changing experience. I was transferred to other worlds and dimensions. And it literally felt like I was gone forever, yet only an hour passed. Highly recommend.” – Brian


“The tantric session changed my life. I did not realize how locked in fear I was nor did I understand my detachment to my body. Kriss helped me, and everyone around me, connect through touch and affection that made me feel whole and complete within myself. I plan to bring what I learn to all my future relationships” 


“I’ve always been skeptical of all this esoteric and holistic stuff. I’ve never believed in it, and for the first time in my life, this completely changed my viewpoint on it. I felt my body melt into nothing, and then I returned transformed.” 

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