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Kriss Walas

Kriss Walas

A Transformational Mentor, Speaker, and Sound Healer

Kriss Walas is a graduate of CSUS with BA degrees in Psychology, Philosophy, and Audio. Kriss is a certified Reiki 2 practitioner in Holy Fire. Kriss is an innovator in the fields of sound, intimacy, healing, bioenergetics, Tantra, Reiki, mindfulness, meditation, epigenetics, breath work, relationship coaching, body therapy, communication, connecting with nature, and personal growth/expansion. Kriss is a student of life and has merged timeless teachings of the East with New Age teachings of the West to guide people to self-realization within their own being and bodies.

Kriss can hold space for people in a present, aware, and loving way. Kriss acts as a catalyst for expansion through embodiment. Kriss has lead workshops, guided large groups at festivals, and has been doing personal one-to-one mentorship training since 2010. Kriss has 12 years of experience with mentoring/hosting transformational gatherings and makes himself available to all people in the name of service to the collective consciousness.

Kriss has held space for workshops in Chakra Tuning and Alignment, Heart Centered Expansion, Deep Guided Meditation, Physical Embodiment Training, Communication and Etymology, and more. Kriss has received compelling feedback from people that the most transformative workshops involve sound healing and Solfeggio based music, which heightens a connection to Source, the heart, and fellow participating human beings. Music is the universal language that connects us all and is a powerful tool for people to heal, release trauma, let go of hurt, and align with the love waiting for us all in the present moment.  Kriss is open to creating custom workshops based on the needs of the collective as Kriss is here to love, serve, and remember that we are all connected through Oneness.

When Kriss is not on tour playing music festivals as a multi-instrumentalist/sound healer or hosting workshops Kriss is running The Continuum Music Studio (owner), working as a senior mentor for Pyramind, and performing under the alias Heart Rate.  The music institutions are located in Sacramento and San Francisco, CA and have served 1000s of creative people for over a decade.

Kriss has been teaching guitar, piano, music production, recording, and audio engineering since 2010. Kriss has a deep passion for helping people through music and the creative arts. Music is very special to Kriss as music is a huge part of his spiritual practice and life. Kriss is available for consulting, workshops, and freelance contracting for studio sessions and live events of all sizes. Please contact Kriss personally for more details. Links below for more info.

Please see links to the Continuum Music Studio Yelp and Facebook pages to read the near 100 5-star reviews on Kriss Walas.

My Life Journey

From childhood, I was conditioned to be unhappy, unaware, and detached from my soul. I trained by my family and society to live in a perpetual state of suffering, ego, and selfishness, raised by a family who showed no love for each other. My parents, God bless them, did the best they could, but were nothing more than grown wounded children.

As a child, I was in tune with life, could feel the emotions of others, and was highly sensitive. Not one person around me could understand the natural bliss and joy I had simply to be alive. I was never shown unconditional love or supported for my abilities to see the world through the eyes of a child, my heart, and higher levels of consciousness. I was beaten down by life and accredited demeaning/interpersonally crippling psychological labels because it is easier to label people than understand a perception of reality that is of a higher vibration and frequency.

It was not until I was 19 years old that I choose to do something about my life. I was paying my way through college and investing my small amount of income into psychological sessions and psychotherapy. For two years, I took prescription medications to help correct my brain chemistry. I was diagnosed (by medical “professionals”) with Bi-Polar Disorder, ADHD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Social Anxiety, Leaky Gut, Digestive Issues, Brain Chemistry Imbalances, Mood Instability, and more. By Age 21, I could see that drugs and Western Medicine were not the answer. It was apparent within myself that healing my life was my responsibility. By age 25, I graduated from CSUS and shifted my life path towards spiritual development, inner heart healing, holistic health, and music.

Now, at age 34, I have transformed my life and my health. I no longer suffer from any “medical conditions” of the body or the mind. I have awakened my Chakras and can feel life on the deepest levels. I am now able to fully embrace my sensitivity to life as I continue on my journey and help countless others along the way. As of 2019, I have personally transformed the lives of 1000s of people. I am here to be of service to others in conjunction with deepening my healing, presence, and loving awareness within myself. The spiritual journey is one that has no beginning and no end. We are timeless beings who have simply forgotten our true nature. My life’s work is now solely dedicated to helping others align with the love, truth, health, peace, and joy that is waiting for them in each present moment.

Kriss Walas at Shaktifest 2019

Kriss Walas
Kriss Walas
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