Standard Package Offerings: Mentorship, Personal Transformation, and Healing Sessions

All people are unique and have different ways of learning, absorbing information, and connecting to consciousness. All workshops offer a combination of the seven learning styles: Visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social, and solitary.

The integration of different learning styles allows people to absorb information more deeply, connect with what they have learned, practice the teachings post-integration, and create new patterns in normal life. The most important aspect of hosting mentorship workshops is giving people a fighting chance to apply what they have learned in their daily life so they can heal, expand, grow on a personal, have more loving relationships, and contribute high vibrations to the collective human family. Please review the service offerings below to feel what sessions resonates with your heart and soul. I encourage you to mix and match, customize, or create your own sessions. I respect and honor your unique journey. It is my ambition to be of the highest level of service to you. Whatever you feel is needed for your health, happiness, and growth we will make happen together.

Not sure if mentorship is right for you, or if you will resonate with me? These are understandable and legitimate questions. I am happy to offer you a free 30-minute mentorship session in any single session offering. Contact me directly via email and I will send you a discount code to apply at checkout. Namaste!

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